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Advanced Strategic Plannings

Part 1: Prepare to Sail! The Preparation for Strategic Planning

1. Preparing the Navigator: A Prelaunch Checklist

2. Preparing the Crew: Readiness for the Process

3. Preparing the Boat: Developing the Strategy

Part 2: Set the Course! The Process of Strategic Planning

4. Developing a Biblical Mission: What We Are Supposed to Be Doing

5. Developing a Compelling Vision: The Kind of Church We Envision

6. Discovering Core Values: Why We Do What We Do

7. Introducing the Ministry Strategy: How We Accomplish the Mission and Vision

8. Reaching the Church’s Community: Strategy Activity 1

9. Making Mature Disciples: Strategy Activity 2

10. Building a Ministry Team: Strategy Activity 3

11. Assessing the Ministry Setting: Strategy Activity 4

12. Raising and Managing Finances: Strategy Activity 5


Part 3: Pursue the Course! The Practice of Strategic Planning

13. Launching the Boat: Implementing the Strategy

14. Evaluating the Course: How We Are Doing

written by Dr. Aubrey Malphurs


Purpose Driven Church

How to help a church to grow according to the purpose of God

About The Purpose-Driven® Church

Surfing Spiritual Waves

Part One  •  Seeing the Big Picture

     1.       The Saddleback Story
     2.       Myths About Growing Churches


Part Two  •  Becoming a Purpose-Driven Church
3.       What Drives Your Church?
     4.       The Foundation for a Healthy Church
     5.       Defining Your Purposes
     6.       Communicating Your Purposes
     7.       Organizing Around Your Purposes
     8.       Applying Your Purposes


Part Three  •  Reaching Out to Your Community
     9.       Who Is Your Target?
     10.     Knowing Whom You Can Best Reach
     11.     Developing Your Strategy


Part Four  •  Bringing In a Crowd
12.     How Jesus Attracted Crowds
     13.     Worship Can Be a Witness
     14.     Designing a Seeker-Sensitive Service
     15.     Selecting Your Music
     16.     Preaching to the Unchurched

Part Five  •  Building Up the Church
 17.     Turning Attenders into Members ( Congregation )
     18.     Developing Mature Members ( Committed )
     19.     Turning Members into Ministers ( Core )
     20.     God’s Purpose for Your Church



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